Your ultimate guide to motorcycle helmets

Cool Motorcycle Helmets

With hundreds of motorcycle helmets on the market today consumers are spoiled for choice.  Many of us are looking for something that will stand out from the crowd.  Plain black doesn’t cut it anymore if you want to be noticed.  Heck, even red or yellow is getting a little boring.  Many riders are looking for eye catching designs and something with that little extra to turn heads and get noticed. Yes, I’m talking about the coolest motorcycle helmets on the planet!

Shark Evoline 3 Moovit Lumi

Shark Evoline 3The slick glow-in-the-dark luminescent paint on the Shark Evoline 3 turns a good helmet into an utterly cool one.  With Tron-like styling you will certainly be noticed during evening riding in this baby.  It’s a modular helmet with a chin bar and face shield that move effortlessly together in a single action.  Overall it’s well designed, comfortable and provides excellent ventilation.  Noise levels are pretty good and the helmet is relatively lightweight.  The sun shield works very well indeed too.  Don’t forget the Evoline Series 3 allows you to ride legally with the chin bar locked in the upright position, thereby effectively serving as an open-face helmet.  Now that’s versatility!  Sure, it’s a little pricey at typically over $400 but these helmets are not about saving money – they’re about sex appeal!


Airoh TR-1

Airoh TR1You have to admin the Arioh TR-1 is extremely cool looking.  Airoh is led by Antonio Locatelli and has been churning out the style since 1998.  The Italians know all about style and the Airoh-TR1 is no exception.  Sure, some say it’s a little tight with minimal padding and even somewhat noisier than most but this helmet offers something else.  That something else is unrivaled class and style.  It’s thermoplastic shell does feel a little too plastic-like but the paintwork is outstanding.  Ventilation is adequate and the chin bar is completely removable.   The sun visor is internally housed and can be rotated into any position which is a nice touch.  The helmet is fairly lightweight at about 3 lbs 2 oz.  Remember, you’re buying this helmet for the cool-factor…and for that it’s priceless.


Icon Airframe Manic

Icon Airframe ManicTalk about crazy helmet graphics…Icon leads the way with it’s Airframe series and here we see the Icon Airframe Manic.  The Manic design features beastly artwork that is sure to attract attention on the streets.  It’s unique for sure, weighs in at about 3 lbs 10 oz and looks fantastic all round.  This helmet is also reputed to have great fit and finish together with a surprisingly effective venting system that works perfect in those hot summer months.  Noise levels are also quieter then you’d imagine on this helmet. As you’d expect it’s DOT certified and constructed from a fiberglass/carbon fiber shell.  Icon also gives you the option of a clear or dark-smoke faceshield which in our opinions just adds a couple of extra points to the cool factor.  Tested in a wind tunnel?….whatever, we just want cool and we found it.


Nexx XR1R Neon

Nexx R1R NeonNow I know many of you may disagree this is anything special but maybe I’m just a sucker for cool neon paintwork.  The Nexx XR1R in Neon Orange is undoubtedly the coolest neon helmet around.   Yeah you can get it in yellow or green but orange seems more classy to me.  There’s no question the XR1R is different.  It’s super lightweight at about 3 lbs 3/4 oz and has a massive eye port allowing for outstanding vision.  The reviews we read consistently speak to the high quality paint and overall finish of this helmet.  It fits similar to the Shoei RF-1100 with a somewhat neutral shape that’ll fit most heads like a glove.  Padding is adequate and comfortable, ventilation is well above average and again the visibility with that oversize eye port is second to none.  However, it’s almost as though none of that really matters because what people will remember when they see you is how cool you look with the sleek orange neon cruising the streets.    And cool is priceless…

Arai Corsair V Race Carbon

Arai Corsair V Race CarbonWe all know Arai is considered by many to be the creme-dela-creme when it comes to motorcycle helmets and they do indeed produce some quite outstanding shells.  Their Corsair V line has line has long been the ultimate in full face street helmets and one limited edition in particular sits at the very top – the Corsair V Race Carbon.  This, ladies and gentlemen is we believe the world’s most expensive production helmet costing approximately $3,500 and reserved for those wanting nothing less than the absolute best.  Sure, this is not for your average moped rider but if you’re a professional rider who desires state-of-the-art design, comfort, technology and fit then this is the lid for you.  DOT and Snell 2010 approved?…you betcha.   If only the best will do or you just won the lottery then the Arai Corsair V Race Carbon is as cool as it gets.


The rest…

“Wait! What about those crazy novelty helmets we wanted to see?”  If the cool helmets above weren’t enough…here’s a selection of “funnies” for you to chuckle at…. :)